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About us

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bemariosat.fi is webshop for corporation Varaosapalvelu E&M Oy

Varaosapalvelu E&M Oy

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Varaosapalvelu E&M -company founded 2013, is a dealership specializing in importing, wholesale and resale of original parts for BMW brand cars. The company has office in Kaarina.

Clients include auto body shops and private people.

Varaosapalvelu E&M -companys original, business model is specializing in importing, reselling original spare parts for the BMW cars. Our latest feature is a online store.

Our main clientele consists mostly of auto body shops and wholesale businesses and private people.

Varaosapalvelu E&M -companyOy is based on know-how that is the direct result of focusing one car manufacturer. This exclusion enables the procurement and stocking of rarer parts. Example we can provide all bmw motorsport parts or any of 470 000 bmw parts.